Applied Media Research

Core Course

This course focuses on the principles for maximizing the value of online content through:

  • Efficient workflow management to reduce production cost;
  • N-tier systems management to reduce latency and increase the efficiency and reach of multiple digital distribution channels;
  • Structuring content management system (CMS) outputs for data generation and analysis;
  • Content optimization and;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).

To understand how content is valued in a multiplatform environment, students must first understand how the basic distribution system works. The broad category name for multiple platform distribution is CMS. In this course, students will explore how a CMS influences and fixes the value of various forms of content. Through analysis of web traffic, content structure and the principles of SEO, students will learn how to use content systems to earn maximum value in a web-based environment.


Workflow management; content optimization; search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Conduct a survey of a communication business’s content creation, business logic and audience analysis systems.
  • Use software tools to analyze media consumption and discern audience characteristics.
  • Use knowledge of html and xml data structure to analyze information quality.
  • Use knowledge of specific mathematical principles and technologies to optimize content for Internet search.
  • State and address the ethical challenges of data capture and audience tracking.


Stephen Masiclat