Data-Driven Journalism

Journalism Innovation Specialization Course

Data has become an increasingly powerful journalistic tool that has a role to play in every step of the process, from identifying important trends to creating interactive graphics to measuring how stories are being received by the audience. Data also has the potential to provide unique insights into how the world really works. Data can be the difference between thinking we know something and truly knowing it.

This course will help students understand how data is being used by journalists today, how to augment traditional stories with data and how to find new stories in data. Students will learn how to find and manipulate existing datasets as well as how to build their own data sources.


Data retrieval and manipulation of datasets; use of graphical data in storytelling


Excel with NodeXL add-on, Tableau


  • Learn what opportunities and challenges different types of data present. Apply this new knowledge by finding, downloading and manipulating structured data from government, research and other sources.
  • Apply skill as journalists by “interviewing the data,” and thereby uncovering the stories the data contains as well as understanding its limitations.
  • Grow storytelling skills while learning how to augment stories with graphical data displays that communicate information to the reader.
  • Expand investigative skills while learning how to use the Freedom of Information Act to request and obtain previously unavailable data from the federal government. 


Gregory Munno