Public Relations Management

Public Relations Specialization Course

This course seeks to examine historical and current management theories, literature and practices for the purposes of:

  • Understanding the business environment in which public relations operates;
  • Applying the best of these theories toward the management of the public relations function within an organization;
  • Identifying how the public relations function can add value to the organization, including the areas of multiculturalism, diversity and gender and;
  • Ensuring that the public relations function adheres to the highest professional ethical standards as set forth by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).


Knowledge of management theories, literature and practices; application of this knowledge to the management of an organization; management plan development


Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (or the Mac iWork equivalents: Pages, Numbers and Keynote); a non-proprietary online infographic creation software; access to both online and print business news sources (The Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers, CNNMoney, etc.)


  • Demonstrate the connection between management theory and practical management application through the written and verbal analysis of a recent management news story or case study.
  • Explain the value and uses of both the science and the art of management in modern organizations.
  • Develop a management plan for a specific organization of the student’s choosing, targeting the four management functions of planning and decision making, organizing, leading and controlling.
  • Make a compelling case for why public relations is a management function in today’s organizational environment.
  • Identify and share best practices in public relations/communications management through the application and implementation of a strategic plan to address a specific crisis. 


William Jasso