Public Relations Theory

Public Relations Specialization Course

This course introduces students to the breadth of public relations theories. Topics covered include: defining the practice, organizational legitimacy, best practices in planning, management, crisis communication, issues management, social responsibility, reputation management and global public relations. Students examine a framework for excellence in public relations by looking at models, roles, communication, organizational culture, diversity and ethics. The theories students learn in this course form the foundation for the research they conduct during their program and can be applied to the final capstone or thesis project and future professional practice.


Development of conceptual and theoretical frameworks, theory analysis


  • Explain, analyze, synthesize and apply a selection of the most influential theories and research findings on public relations.
  • Develop a conceptual framework to analyze the management of public relations and, in turn, enhance the understanding of public relations practices.
  • Apply a theoretical framework to an actual public relations case by researching, writing and producing a case study project.
  • Analyze how theories relate to professional practices; produce a research proposal.


Guy Golan