Social Media for Communicators

Core Course

Social media is now a critical component to all successful media, advertising, and public relations initiatives. This course will give you a solid foundation of social media skills and knowledge of its manifold effects on both the communications industry and society as a whole. Relying on a blend of videos, readings, case studies, expert interviews, weekly discussions, and practical exercises, you will bolster your social media understanding and know-how no matter your prior experience with social media. This course aims to push you not only to be competent with different tools, strategies and tactics but ultimately to be an effective social media communicator.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Analyze the strategic use of social media channels for businesses, organizations, and communications professionals
  • Apply social media tactics and strategy to achieve a business or professional goal
  • Evaluate the social media presence of a single brand
  • Discuss the cultural impact of social media, including concepts of privacy, viral media, memes, anonymous and semi-anonymous communications, citizen journalism, global uprisings political and ethical implications, and issues of diversity
  • Analyze a societal issue that has been impacted by the rise of social media
  • Apply the basics of social media measurement
  • Create a comprehensive social media strategy to achieve a business-related social media goal


Kelly Lux