Social Media for Public Communicators

Core Course

Social media’s presence in our lives is almost unavoidable. As an aspiring communications professional, you can scratch the almost from the previous sentence. Social media is a critical component to all successful media, advertising and public relations initiatives today. This course will give you a solid foundation of social media skills and knowledge to equip you for today’s world and prepare you for whatever may be next.

Relying on a blend of videos, readings, case studies, expert interviews, weekly discussions and a bevy of practical exercises, you will be able to bolster your social media understanding and know-how no matter your prior experience with social media. This course aims to push you to be not only comfortable with different tools and tactics, but ultimately to be an effective social media communicator.


Use of social media as a branding/marketing tool; development of social media strategy and tactics.


  • Ability to work with social media tools such as analytics reporting systems, management software, social video and crisis response plans.
  • Knowledge of how to critically analyze social media trends and tactics.
  • Thorough practice in developing a comprehensive social media strategy for brands, clients and/or media outlets.
  • Specific techniques to assess and improve personal and professional online presences.


Jon Glass