Web and Mobile Story Production

Journalism Innovation Specialization Course

This course focuses on the production and delivery of journalism through web and mobile devices. It is a skills course, which requires critical and conceptual analysis of how web and mobile stories demand new approaches, techniques and strategies. In this course, students will learn about and create journalism for digital and evolving media forms, while building their portfolios, multimedia story skills and journalistic vision.

This is a creative, hands-on course focused on rethinking and reinventing the editorial experience for digital audiences and new story platforms. Throughout the term, students will critique the work of their class peers, as well as industry leaders, while building their own projects for public display.

Students in this course will examine the evolving world of web and mobile journalism, from the standpoint of both production and consumption. Basic multimedia understanding is preferred; no coding is required.


Students learn how to strategically produce and distribute stories for a range of digital devices and screens. This journalism class requires students to critically dissect and create multiple forms of media (i.e., text, audio, video and content for apps, etc.). All students must use a smartphone capable of recording high-quality audio and video. Students must also be able to use current iOS or Android apps on a phone or tablet device. Students must post assignments to web sites and apps and are required to follow assignment specs and develop multimedia work that is polished, with compelling content and strong production elements.


Smartphone production and multimedia editing techniques are taught (these techniques are taught to be transferable, not specific to a single program or platform). You will also discuss and use a range of free online and social platforms.


  • Demonstrate high-quality storytelling for digital and evolving media forms by regularly producing stories in text, audio and video.
  • Judge own work and the work of peers by comparing and discussing class assignments and projects.
  • Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of a wide array of journalism web sites and mobile products and services by analyzing, discussing and presenting on these varied forms of digital media.
  • Expand skill set beyond writing and into creative digital idea development, necessary for large-scale projects, by constructing strategic media plans and digital content pitches.
  • Examine how Internet-based media and editors can be mindful of diversity, ethical issues and major business decisions by comparing and contrasting samples from class and the media industry.


Corey Takahashi