Vin Crosbie

Vin Crosbie is an adjunct professor of Multimedia, Photography and Design. He teaches the Newhouse School‘s postgraduate New Media Business course. That course, which he wrote, is required for all the school’s New Media Management students. Crosbie’s expertise is how and why new technologies are transforming the definitions, production, consumption, and businesses of media. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in the media industries. Over those years, Folio, the trade journal of the U.S. magazine industry, called him, ‘The Practical Futurist.’ When earlier this decade the U.S. Congress held hearings about the troubles the Internet has caused for the American newspaper industry, he was the first person, only academician and only media industry consultant who the Congressional Research Service quoted in its report The U.S. Newspaper Industry in Transition. Professor Crosbie is a former executive of UPI, Reuters, and News Corp., plus owns a daily newspaper in Connecticut. He has served as a consultant to The Atlantic Monthly, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Gannett Company, The Independent of London, The Irish Times of Dublin, the Jerusalem Post, the Mail & Guardian of Johannesburg, McGraw-Hill, El Mundo of Madrid, the U.S. National Cancer Institute, The New York TimesNeue Zürcher Zeitung of Zurich, Playboy, PR Newswire, Scientific AmericanThe Scotsman of Edinburgh, La Vanguardia of Barcelona and the Media Development Investment Fund of New York City and Prague. He is currently working on a book about The Rise of Individuated Media.