Journalism Innovation Specialization


The media landscape is in a constant state of disruption, which creates both challenges and opportunities for today's journalists. In this specialization you will gain skills and techniques that help you discover and tell stories in new ways using cutting-edge digital technologies. Coursework covers how to leverage mobile and social media to engage and inform audiences; how to acquire, analyze and visualize data in a journalistic setting; and how to enhance your content with emerging technologies such as virtual reality, 360 video, sensors and drones. All of these skills can be used for journalism, or any other communications field. Upon completion of this course of study, you will be well-prepared with a range of skills:

  • Data journalism
  • Visualizing data in news stories
  • Multimedia content for mobile and desktop
  • Leveraging social media for news
  • Harnessing emerging tech trends for news
  • 360 video and virtual reality

Specialization Courses

Core Courses

Immersion Experiences

You will attend two immersions during the course of your studies. Immersions are hosted in cities around the world and offer you the chance to meet with faculty and classmates for lectures, workshops and networking events. Learn more about immersions

Sample Schedules

Year One

Year One
Semester Course Credits
1 Introduction to Digital Communications 3
1 Multimedia Storytelling 3
2 Media Law 3
2 Digital Communications Systems 3
2 Immersion 1.5
3 Social Media for Communicators 3
3 Applied Research in Content Management 3
4 Data Driven Journalism 3
4 Web and Mobile Story Production 3
4 Immersion 1.5

Year Two

Year Two
Semester Course Credits
1 Emerging Media Platforms 3
1 Capstone 3

Due to ongoing change in the journalism industry, this specialization is focused on cutting-edge skills and emerging technology trends that reflect areas in which innovative news organizations are hiring. Students who declare this specialization should carefully consider the order in which they take courses prior to the Capstone, in order build upon those concepts for their final Capstone project.

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