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Citizen Journalism and Political Protests

Protests present a unique setting for journalists: three prongs of the public’s First Amendment rights — freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of petition — come together at every public protest or rally. Understanding rights while balancing these risks can make all the difference to citizen journalists and aspiring reporters.

14 Must-Read Books for Aspiring Public Relations and Advertising Professionals

Thanks to new communications platforms and evolving demographics, it’s important for students and professionals alike to continue educating themselves about the communications field. Whether you prefer to turn the physical pages of a book or swipe the screen of an iPad or Kindle, check out these top-rated books to stay ahead of the curve.

Which Specialized Master’s or Communications Master’s Program Is Right for Me?

Communications students have an array of choices when they pursue a master’s degree, including whether or not to specialize in public relations, advertising, or journalism. Read on to learn more about the options.

Q&A with Communications@Syracuse Alumna Kate Farrish

After a long career as a journalist, Kate Farrish enrolled at Communications@Syracuse


Join Communications@Syracuse in celebrating sports journalism with a Twitter competition that lets you vote for your favorite sports journalist.

Facial Recognition Technology: Who Can Use Your Image Without Your Consent?

Facial recognition is projected to grow to a $10 billion-per-year industry by 2022. But the key will be striking a balance between convenience and privacy for consumers.