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Q&A with Communications@Syracuse Alumna Kate Farrish

After a long career as a journalist, Kate Farrish enrolled at Communications@Syracuse


Join Communications@Syracuse in celebrating sports journalism with a Twitter competition that lets you vote for your favorite sports journalist.

Facial Recognition Technology: Who Can Use Your Image Without Your Consent?

Facial recognition is projected to grow to a $10 billion-per-year industry by 2022. But the key will be striking a balance between convenience and privacy for consumers.

Newhouse Advice and Lessons from Faculty Program Director Carolyn Hedges

Carolyn Hedges recently returned to Newhouse as the Communications@Syracuse faculty program director. We asked her about her coursework and leadership at Newhouse, as well as her advice for Communications@Syracuse students as they advance in their careers.

12 Ad Days of Christmas

On the twelfth ad day of Christmas, the client gave to me...


Alumna Perspective: Building Connections Through Communications@Syracuse

Liz Webber specialized in journalism innovation in the Communications@Syracuse program before her recent graduation. We interviewed her about her decision to join the program, how she balanced work and school, and how her master’s degree has helped her advance in her career.