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The Convergence of Social and PR

Two recent studies—one from PR News and the other from the Public Relations Journal—assess trends and the current state of how the public relations field interacts with social media. To ensure that you’re keeping up with other PR pros—and hopefully staying ahead of the curve—keep reading for insights into how the public relations field is converging with social media.

Top 5 TED Talks for Communications Professionals

If you’re a communications professional in journalism, public relations or advertising, you have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to optimizing key messages. Here we take a look at the top five TED Talks that will aid in your efforts to tell great stories, spread great ideas and do what’s needed to help your brand be remarkable.

Going Viral: Industry Experts Weigh In on What Sparks Virality

Virality. It’s something every journalist, advertiser and public relations professional craves, but actual attainment is elusive. What makes a piece viral?

Communication Trends: A to Z

Here, we take a look at 26 popular communications trends, ranging from ambassadors to Generation Z, that will give you a sense of just how diverse and multi-talented media professionals must be to tackle the field of communications head-on.

#SyrCOMMchat Recap: Elana Zak

On Thursday we hosted a #syrCOMMchat with Newhouse alumna Elana Zak, social media lead for Stat, a Boston Globe Media life sciences publication. Elana is the former social media editor at The Wall Street Journal.

6 Unique Ways Summer Movies are Being Marketed

What sets summer movies apart? How are studios distinguishing themselves when communicating with audiences? Here, we take a look at six key marketing strategies being employed by this summer’s biggest blockbusters.