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Book Review: #TellEveryone: Why We Share and Why It Matters

Alfred Hermida’s “Tell Everyone” comes at an important time in our communications history, at a crossroads where we’re able to share everything with everyone in a way we’ve never before been able to. But does having the ability to share mean that we should? Does ready access to social media for any layperson undermine the authority of the news media or enhance it?

#SyrCOMMchat Recap: Justin O’Neill

On Tuesday we hosted a #syrCOMMchat with National Geographic senior digital audio producer and Newhouse alum, Justin O’Neill. Justin took questions about his career, curating content and the Newhouse Network.

#SyrCOMMchat Recap: Megan Hess

Yesterday we hosted our second #syrCOMMchat with Mashable associate editor and Newhouse alumna, Megan Hess. Megan took questions about her career, curating content and the Newhouse Network.

Where’s All the Women’s Sports Coverage?

Sports are one of those powerhouse topics that always seem to draw a crowd. But when it comes to media coverage, does audience interest differ based on who’s on the field? When you’re talking about men’s teams versus women’s teams, even of the same sport, it turns out that there is a difference.

Experts Weigh In on the Live Streaming Revolution

Is the material coming out of the live-streaming renaissance worth serious consideration by journalists and news outlets? Or is this just another venue for noisemaking? Here, experts in media lend their perspectives to the live streaming revolution.

What Does #CaitlynJenner Mean for Advertising?

A lot has been written about Caitlyn Jenner in recent weeks, from the virality of her Vanity Fair cover to the value of her personal brand and even to what’s next for the transgender community. Few, however, have written about the brands and advertisers that stand to support Jenner as she moves into the next phase of her life, and with good reason: many are staying silent.