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Newhouse Advice and Lessons from Faculty Program Director Carolyn Hedges

Carolyn Hedges recently returned to Newhouse as the Communications@Syracuse faculty program director. We asked her about her coursework and leadership at Newhouse, as well as her advice for Communications@Syracuse students as they advance in their careers.

12 Ad Days of Christmas

On the twelfth ad day of Christmas, the client gave to me...


Alumna Perspective: Building Connections Through Communications@Syracuse

Liz Webber specialized in journalism innovation in the Communications@Syracuse program before her recent graduation. We interviewed her about her decision to join the program, how she balanced work and school, and how her master’s degree has helped her advance in her career.

Media Innovations in White House Reporting

Since its inception, the press has had an important relationship with the American government. From the invention of the telegraph to live press conferences to presidential tweets, this timeline tracks media advances that have led to increasingly accessible and direct political coverage for the American public.

Media, Technology and Ethics: The AI Imperative

Communications@Syracuse students visited campus September 29 through October 1 for an immersion focused on AI applications in areas of media, technology and ethics. Students learned from faculty experts, networked with industry leaders and created their own chatbots.

Muckraking and Investigating: The Reporters Who Uncovered Government Secrets and Scandals

In-depth and thoughtful reporting is a check to ensure American democracy works in the best interest of the people. Throughout American history, journalists have uncovered lies and covert actions taken by elected officials with investigative reporting.