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Giving Back With Your Communications Degree

When you imagine a communications professional on the job, what do you see? It could be someone in a power suit, heading up a meeting at a large PR agency, or maybe a VP of corporate communications at a publicly traded corporation talking on the phone with a reporter. These roles tend to be the communications positions we think of based on what we’ve seen in movies or on TV, but careers in this field don’t all fit this mold. In fact, there are many organizations, small and large, that need strong communicators to reach their audiences, effectively share their message and reach their goals.

12 Must-Read Books for Every Public Relations and Advertising Professional

Thanks to new communications platforms and evolving demographics, it’s important for students and professionals alike to continue educating themselves about the communications field. Whether you prefer to turn the physical pages of a book or swipe the screen of an iPad or Kindle, check out these top-rated books to stay ahead of the curve. 

‘A Police Officer’s Mantra’: Student Uses Multimedia Storytelling to Feature Community Member

As the communications director for the City of Whitehall, Ohio, Communications@Syracuse student Gail Martineau must tell great stories about the community she works in. Communications@Syracuse is helping her build the skills she needs to bring those stories to life.

Inspiration from Intimidation

Everyone wants to be successful in their pursuits. I imagine a lot of my classmates are pursuing this degree for the same reasons I am, to increase their marketability and become more successful. Yet, I feel I got a little something more: inspiration.


A Graduate Program That’s Worth Every Penny

When I received my acceptance letter from The Newhouse School, I was thrilled and nervous. Being an entrepreneur and in the workforce for more than 30 years, I thought, “I hope I’m challenged and learn some great things.” I had attended other schools and the experiences weren’t always challenging, which left me bored and discouraged. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from Syracuse. 


In Depth at the Immersion: Diana Napolitano Reflects on Her Path to the Program

At the Communications@Syracuse immersion in Syracuse, New York, we met Diana Napolitano, a student who not only attends Syracuse University, but also works there. Diana is the assistant director for government relations at Syracuse and the mother of two young children. We asked Diana to tell us her story—why she chose the program, why she chose an online degree program and what her plans are for the future.