Presidential PR [Infographic]

Other factors certainly come into play, but an effective (or ineffective) presidential slogan can set the tone for the entire election race and presidency. President Barack Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” helped draw donations and spur volunteers to act and vote in the 2008 election.  Abraham Lincoln’s second-term slogan “Don’t Swap Horses in Midstream” encouraged voters to persist with the status quo during a turbulent time in U.S. history. And Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “I Like Ike” (1952) rings down through the years as a friendly, rhythmic call to action for voters.

In this infographic, Communications@Syracuse explores 175 years of presidential slogans, looking at the winning slogan for each presidential campaign since 1840 and capping it off with a review of the ever-narrowing field of 2016 presidential candidates. Test your knowledge or that of someone you know by sharing these historical presidential slogans, and let us know which slogan you think will belong to the next commander-in-chief in the comments below.


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