Update: #SportsNewsBracket Winner

Throughout the #SportsNewsBracket you nominated and voted for many incredibly talented sports journalists. Thank you for joining us in celebrating sports journalism. Follow Communications@Syracuse on Twitter at @SyracuseComm and view the results from the championship round of match-ups below.


14 Beth Mowins 46%

9 Mike Tirico 54%


Congratulations to Mike Tirico for winning the 2018 #SportsNewsBracket.


Update: #SportsNewsBracket Final Week

Last week’s matchups went down to the wire with Michael Wilbon and Beth Mowins being sent to overtime for a tie-breaker event. The championship round of voting ends Wednesday. Vote on Twitter by following  @SyracuseComm and #SportsNewsBracket. View the results from the semifinal round of match-ups below.


2 Michael Wilbon 22%

14 Beth Mowins 78%


9 Mike Tirico 86%

11 Sal Capaccio 14%


Update: #SportsNewsBracket Week 3

Last week’s match-ups were buzzer beaters with a few of the match-ups decided by votes at the last minute. The second round of voting begins on Tuesday. Vote on Twitter by following @SyracuseComm and #SportsNewsBracket. View the results from the second week’s match-ups below.


16 Tom Goldman 45%
2 Michael Wilbon 55%


14 Beth Mowins 56%
13 Matt Norlander 44%


12 Maria Taylor 36%
11 Sal Cappacio 64%


7 Jemele Hill 25%
9 Mike Tirico 75%

Update: #SportsNewsBracket Week 2

For the second time last weekend, a 16 seed upset a 1 seed. Shortly after UMBC won their basketball game against UVA, Tom Goldman with NPR beat Bill Simmons from the Ringer in the #SportsNewsBracket. The second round of voting begins on Tuesday. Vote on Twitter by following @SyracuseComm and #SportsNewsBracket. View the results from the first week’s match-ups below.

1 Bill Simmons 30%

16 Tom Goldman 70%


2 Michael Wilbon 73%

15 Don Amore 27%


3 Stephen A. Smith 37%

14 Beth Mowins 63%


4 Peter King 45%

13 Matt Norlander 55%


5 Jalen Rose 43%

12 Maria Taylor 57%


6 Rich Eisen 47%

11 Sal Cappacio 53%


7 Jemele Hill 68%

10 Mina Kimes 32%


8 Matthew Berry

9 Mike Tirico


Original Post from 3/12:

What comes to mind when you think of sports? Do you think of your favorite athlete? Carmelo Anthony, maybe? This month, we're recognizing the sports journalists who cover your favorite athletes and rarely enter the spotlight themselves for their journalism expertise. Join Communications@Syracuse in celebrating sports journalism with a Twitter competition that lets you vote for your favorite sports journalist.

The sports journalists featured in the #SportsNewsBracket are actively engaged on social media and use the platforms to inform and interact with their audiences. The #SportsNewsBracket journalists were nominated by their fans and were assigned a ranking in the match-up by the number of followers on Twitter.

Each week, we will share Twitter polls that let you vote on which journalists should move on to the next round. Vote on Twitter by following @SyracuseComm and #SportsNewsBracket.

#SportsNewsBracket Week 1


1. Bill Simmons, The Ringer
Follow on Twitter: @BillSimmons

2. Michael Wilbon, Pardon the Interruption
Follow on Twitter: @RealMikeWilbon

3. Stephen A. Smith, First Take
Follow on Twitter: @stephenasmith

4. Peter King, Sports Illustrated
Follow on Twitter: @SI_PeterKing

5. Jalen Rose, Jalen & Jacoby
Follow on Twitter: @JalenRose

6. Rich Eisen, NFL Network
Follow on Twitter: @richeisen

7. Jemele Hill, The Undefeated
Follow on Twitter: @jemelehill

8. Matthew Berry, ESPN
Follow on Twitter: @MatthewBerryTMR

9. Mike Tirico, NBC
Follow on Twitter: @miketirico

10. Mina Kimes, ESPN
Follow on Twitter: @minakimes

11. Sal Capaccio, WGR550
Follow on Twitter: @SalSports

12. Maria Taylor, ESPN
Follow on Twitter: @MariaTaylor7

13. Matt Norlander, CBS
Follow on Twitter: @MattNorlander

14. Beth Mowins, ESPN
Follow on Twitter: @bethmowins

15. Dom Amore, Hartford Courant
Follow on Twitter: @AmoreCourant

16. Tom Goldman, NPR
Follow on Twitter: @TomGoldmanNPR

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