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The Tina Press & David Rubin Career Development Center

Communications@Syracuse students have full access to Syracuse University’s Tina Press & David Rubin Career Development Center. Since 1991, the Career Development Center has supported students and alumni with the essential skills, services and resources to find lifelong career success.

Career Hub

Through 2SU, the Communications@Syracuse learning management system, students have access to “Career Hub,” a 100 percent self-paced course designed to offer comprehensive career advice and support.

Designed by the Newhouse Career Development Center (CDC), the Career Hub course assists students in reaching their professional goals by providing the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to expand their network, advance within their current organization or transition to a new role. The course explores the following topics:

Finding Careers in Communications

An in-depth overview of careers in media and communications

Planning a Job Search

A strategic guide to planning a job search and finding resources


How to network, why it's important and how to build a personal brand

Perfecting a Resume and Cover Letter

A guide to crafting, customizing and optimizing a resume and cover letter

Improving Your Online Profile

Tips, tricks and best practices to maintain a professional image online


In-depth preparation and tips to maximize each step of the interview process

Managing Job Offers

How to evaluate job offers, negotiate salary and weigh pros and cons

Accessing Alumni Resources

Joining the Newhouse alumni network and staying involved post-graduation

Meet Your Instructor

The Career Hub course is hosted by Kelly Barnett, the director of the Newhouse Career Development Center.

Careers in Communications

The field of communications is evolving rapidly. With changes in technology affecting the way we tell and consume stories, those who know how to harness digital tools will find themselves at an advantage in today’s ever-crowded job market. Here are some important things to remember when considering careers in communications:

  • Quick Hiring: Jobs in the communications industry typically take two to three weeks to fill, and the industry hires on an “as needed” basis. Most communications companies anticipate openings but only recruit new hires when they know for certain there is work to be done.
  • Experience Required: Communications companies agree that they put a high premium on hands-on experience when considering candidates, more so than a college degree. Real-world experience in the field is critical to set applicants apart from the rest of the pool.
  • Networking Is Key: Many of the positions posted by communications companies are filled by word-of-mouth candidates—those who know someone already working at the company. That’s why attending industry networking events is so important for those looking to build a career in communications.