Immersion Experience

Communications@Syracuse students are required to participate in two weekend-long immersions during the course of their program. These visits, which take place in the U.S. and select international cities, include networking events, hands-on experiences relevant to the communications industry, and innovative guest speakers that range from preeminent academics to communications industry leaders. Each immersion will center on a theme relevant to students' coursework and promote discussion of innovations in the field. These unique experiences offer students a chance to interact with their classmates, faculty and thought leaders and discuss the future of their industry.

Students are encouraged to attend the yearly campus-based immersion within the first two terms of their program and then may choose one other immersion, either domestic or international, as offered. Students must complete at least one class prior to attending an immersion.

Students will be required to pay an immersion fee that varies based on the location and activities. The fee is calculated prior to course registration.

“With an online program, it’s easy to get lost in the motions of the classwork. … [But] the immersion made it impossible to forget. It solidified my identity as a Newhouse student and validated the importance of the education we are receiving. It shifted how I think about the program and how I will approach my experience moving forward.”
— Janine Doyon, July 2016 Cohort

See Where We’re Going

Take a look at the locations for a few of our upcoming immersions:

Fall 2020 Virtual Crisis Communications, Coverage and Recovery
April 2021 TBD TBD

What to Expect at Immersions

Featured Speakers

Communications@Syracuse immersion speakers and hosts include some of the most prominent and forward-thinking leaders in the communications industry. Past guests have included:

Matt Trotta
BuzzFeed’s vice president of agency strategy

Lauren Sadowski-Collins
NBC’s Promotions
& Partnerships representative

Melanie Deziel
Time Inc.’s director of creative strategy

Alex Salkever
former VP of Mozilla and author of Driver in the Driverless Car

Hands-On Activities

Immersion activities vary by city but are always designed to give students a deeper look into the communications industry, provide opportunities for students to interact with each other and faculty, and afford access to hands-on experience with new technology. Take a look below at some common types of activities, as well as an example of each from past immersions:

Talks and case studies
“Fake News—It’s Not Just for Reporters Anymore” with Newhouse Professor Bill Jasso

Professor Dan Pacheco’s “Digital Petting Zoo,” where students had the chance to test-drive new gadgets like Google Glass, Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets and drones

Our tour of the Emblematic Group Virtual Reality Studios, with a guide through one of their original VR stories

Day trips
Our outing to Universal Studios in Los Angeles

In-Person Networking Opportunities

Syracuse immersions are a great opportunity for students to network with our accomplished faculty, their peers and top media leaders. The weekends include several networking events to facilitate these meet-and-greets.

City and Campus Tours

Each immersion focuses on topics and sites that are relevant to the city in which it takes place. The on-campus visit includes a tour of the world-renowned Newhouse School, and off-campus immersions have included tours of innovative headquarters like the YouTube studios in Los Angeles and the Foursquare headquarters in New York City.

“Initially I was a little nervous [about the immersion]. I wasn’t sure how I’d be received, as my entire interaction with this professor was through a web cam. … [But] Professor Gitner welcomed me to Syracuse and we had a nice little chat. I was able to get feedback on a project, and the fear that I might be treated like an outsider quickly went away.”
— David Onoue, October 2015 Cohort