Student and Alumni Stories

To highlight our diverse Newhouse community, we have compiled some of the stories from our students and alumni that represent our online program and student experience. Read their stories to find out what Communications@Syracuse means to them and how the program has helped them advance their careers.

Cierra Bailey: Seeking Innovative Storytelling

Freelance Reporter and Promotions Coordinator at Alpha Media, Far East Bay

Cierra was working as a journalist when she decided that she wanted to gain the technical skills that could help her become a more innovative storyteller. By learning more about data-driven journalism and emerging media platforms, Cierra has taken her stories into the digital era.

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Dan Lombardi: Taking a Deeper Dive Into Advertising

Ad Agency Creative Director

Looking to stay up-to-date with current trends in advertising and the digital communications landscape, Dan decided on the Newhouse School based on its reputation. Since graduation, Dan has applied the skills gained in the program to enhance his ability as a creative director and keep a fresh perspective on evolving markets.

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Sarah Mendoza: Pursuing New Career Opportunities

On-Air Promotions Intern at FOX Deportes

Sarah had always wanted to be a part of the Newhouse Network because of its prestige and innovation within the communications industry. She’s pursuing a Master of Science in Communications to advance her role within Fox Deportes and to challenge herself to be the first in her family to earn a graduate degree.

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Deedy Williams: Following Her Passion for Advertising

Director of Media Sales, WCNY

When Deedy saw her opportunity to enter into the world of advertising, she sought out the Newhouse School to help her accomplish her goals. The flexibility of the online classes and platform gave her the confidence to earn her degree while continuing to work.

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