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Five Successful Rebrands and Why They Worked

Whether it’s a simple logo redesign or a full-scale messaging campaign, consumers can be resistant to change. As evidenced by the Gap’s logo redesign, which lasted just one week, or Dr. Pepper’s “It’s Not for Women” campaign, changes that don’t meet consumer expectations may result in backlash. However, when done well, rebranding can drive sales and customer loyalty. Take a look at how these five companies successfully revitalized their brands, using a combination of emotional and visual techniques that meet evolving consumer demand.

From Editorial to Branded Content: Lessons Learned in Transition

When you study journalism, you’re taught to avoid conflicts of interest — real or perceived — at all costs. You don’t cover beats that you have a personal stake in, and you avoid covering organizations you or your family members are affiliated with. Objectivity is the key. But brand journalism is different.

BrandStand: Virgin Atlantic

My fascination with Virgin Atlantic began during my junior year at Syracuse University. On my way to London for my semester abroad, my flight was on Virgin. I will always remember the feeling that air travel can be better than what I was used to.

Top 5 TED Talks for Communications Professionals

If you’re a communications professional in journalism, public relations or advertising, you have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to optimizing key messages. Here we take a look at the top five TED Talks that will aid in your efforts to tell great stories, spread great ideas and do what’s needed to help your brand be remarkable.

Emotions & Advertising: How We Connect to Brands

Think of the last viral advertising campaign you kept seeing on social media, the one you couldn’t stop sharing. When you dig a little deeper to understand why these campaigns are so popular, you’ll find that most advertising evokes a strong emotion: happiness, empowerment, nostalgia, sadness. Turns out, this emotional connection is exactly what advertisers want to achieve.

Going Viral: Industry Experts Weigh In on What Sparks Virality

Virality. It’s something every journalist, advertiser and public relations professional craves, but actual attainment is elusive. What makes a piece viral?