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What Does #CaitlynJenner Mean for Advertising?

A lot has been written about Caitlyn Jenner in recent weeks, from the virality of her Vanity Fair cover to the value of her personal brand and even to what’s next for the transgender community. Few, however, have written about the brands and advertisers that stand to support Jenner as she moves into the next phase of her life, and with good reason: many are staying silent.

Mad Men: To Rise and Fall at Sterling Cooper [Infographic]

Since 2007, the world has watched the exploits of Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. This infographic looks at the corporate structure at Sterling Cooper, tracking the professional ups and downs of key characters across the seasons.

The Business of YouTube [Infographic]

YouTube hosts some of the most viral videos in the world and enables average users to showcase their talents, increase their visibility and, in some cases, turn into a celebrity …

YouTube infographic

SXSW Panels To Get Excited About

t’s time for the digital-meets-real-world behemoth that is SXSW Interactive.

Newhouse Goes Online With Communications@Syracuse

The first application to the school’s new online master’s program came just four hours after it was launched.

Inside the Brand Bowl Playbook: 5 Questions with Ad Expert Kevin O’Neill

Newhouse advertising Professor Kevin O’Neill explores the different types of Super Bowl commercials and what we can expect this year.