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Why Journalists Will Ensure the Internet of Things Works

Three things happened recently that reminded me about the crucial role journalists and an informed press must play in modern digital life. It’s a story that has to be told in the halls of Congress and in small towns where, one by one, citizens attach their homes and their livelihoods to an increasingly vulnerable internet.

The Evolution of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Virtual reality has the ability to not only mimic real life, but also to transport its users to another world. The term was popularized relatively recently, in 1987 by Jaron Lanier, but the technology that led to today’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive precedes the phrase by more than half a century. In the following infographic, Communications@Syracuse reviews some of the technology that spurred the growth of virtual reality over the last nine decades and takes a closer look at some of the devices on the market today.

Meet Communications@Syracuse’s Content Fellow Steve Masiclat

Communications@Syracuse offers content fellowships to lead professors and senior-level communications professionals who teach in the online program. These fellowships provide faculty with the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of communications-related topics including PR, advertising, journalism, branding, marketing and digital media.

Native Ads in a Digital Environment [Infographic]

In the last several years, the publishing and advertising industries have converged to have a single conversation about native advertising, a growing industry that allows advertisers to reach consumers through branded storytelling. In the following infographic, Communications@Syracuse presents an overview of native advertising, explains its growth, explores the market landscape and shows how the key players — the publications, advertisers and readers— are impacted by this growing form of advertising.

‘A Police Officer’s Mantra’: Student Uses Multimedia Storytelling to Feature Community Member

As the communications director for the City of Whitehall, Ohio, Communications@Syracuse student Gail Martineau must tell great stories about the community she works in. Communications@Syracuse is helping her build the skills she needs to bring those stories to life.

Courting ZMOT: Defining the Zero Moment of Truth and How to Make the Most of It

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) occurs whenever and wherever the customer starts thinking about a product and is defined long before the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) has had time to evolve. Here, we’ll dig into the details of ZMOT with Google, one of the early players in understanding its new and critical role.